I offer tailored, one-to-one academic tutoring and coaching/mentoring to students of all ages and grade levels. I specialize in working with students with Specific Learning Disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Executive Functioning challenges, Down Syndrome, Dyslexia, labeled as Other Health Impaired, Twice Exceptional (2e), Autism, and Emotional Disturbance (ED).

The individual skills and challenges of my students guide my sessions. My teaching style is always encouraging and in 15+ years I have never once criticized a student. I honor and respect my students and families, always.

Together, students, parents and I foster academic success, which leads to increased self-worth and motivation for everyone. This is the recipe for success.

Difficulties in school create behavioral issues which affect the student and their relationship with their family. Alleviating learning problems positively changes the communication between kids and parents.

As a coach and mentor, I track students’ progress, check in to make sure they are on schedule, help organize, prioritize, and transform the learning process into an avenue for personal growth.

I am based in Arlington, VA, but travel throughout Northern Virginia and Washington DC. Feel free to contact me anytime. (202) 930-2326 or Email