My Philosophy

Every student is capable of learning any subject if given the right environment, teachers, and strategies that match their skill set and unique abilities. Difficulties arise in education because, while every human being has a distinct learning style, the U.S. education system does not cater to “distinctness”. This is quite ironic. The “land of the free,” of the “individual,” has created a system of learning that boots many students to the side … to classrooms “down the hall” with no regard or understanding of who they are as human beings, and much less as learners.

In Virginia, unfortunately, the school system forces hard working and motivated teenagers to “pass” the Algebra SOL in order to earn a high school diploma. Let’s be real: who among us, aside from engineers, have ever once actually used Algebra in “real life”? No one. There are many injustices in our school system. Forcing intelligent and gifted youths to pass muster on a falsely constructed “test” is absurd and must, and will, be changed.

The word “disability” is a non-starter. It is a word that should not exist. No person on earth is disabled. We are all ABLE. We are all fortunate to be alive and we all bring many gifts to this earth.

It is an absolute and moral necessity to stand up for every student who is currently being downtrodden in school. Ensuring that every child has a safe, accommodating, and effective arena to learn is a primary responsibility of all adults – parents, family members, teachers, politicians, and other citizens.

And, we can enjoy the process.